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Pitanga Portugal is a destination management company operating since 2019, in the city of Porto/Portugal. Pitanga's owners are Antonio Góes and Juha Paltila, who have been working in the tourism sector since the 90s, connecting customers, and service providers between Europe-South America, especially in Finland, Portugal, and Brazil.

Pitanga's customers are individuals, groups of travelers and travel agencies, to whom the company develops services of guiding, transfers, bookings, and management of full travel package. For this, Pitanga works with a wide and selected network and partners in Portugal. 

Pitanga always guarantees an ethical and responsible performance in all its operations.

Juha Paltila

I am a Finnish entrepreneur, also a tour guide, amateur football player and a reggae music lover. I have lived in Jamaica and Brazil for a long time and traveled (as a tour leader) almost all countries in South and Central America. Currently, I live in the beautiful city of Helsinki, Finland.

Antonio Góes

I am a Brazilian entrepreneur, also a journalist and a football lover. I have traveled a lot around the world and lived in different countries like Russia and Scotland. 
Currently, I live in the lovely city of Porto, in Portugal.

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Juha Paltila

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